какого х.. тебе надо

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by Ulfus, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Ulfus Junior Member

    • какого хуя тебе надо

    What does this phrase mean literally and what does it actually translate to? Do russians use this specific phrase or do they use something a little different?
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  2. LilianaB Senior Member

    US New York
    It is a little more vulgar than:what the f.. do you want (from me). This is what it basically means. The more civilized people don't use it, at least the ones I know. If anyone, mostly men would use it among themselves. It may also mean something else -- totally, depending on the context. Context will be needed.
  3. Ulfus Junior Member

    Thanks liliana.
    The question is, is it more like what the:warn: fuck do you want or what do you want :warn:motherfucker? In other words does the huiya refer to the thing that is wanted or the person wanting it?
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  4. LilianaB Senior Member

    US New York
    It is literally more like:what the :warn:dick do you want. It can be either really. Do you have more context.
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  5. gvozd

    gvozd Senior Member

    It is 'what the fuck do you want'.:) 'What do you want motherfucker' - "чего тебе надо, :warn:мудак?"
  6. Ulfus Junior Member

    Then I understand it perfectly. Was hoping it was worse. Does anyone have some more vulgar way of asking the same thing, where the person asking is named by a vulgar word?
  7. Gorkyi New Member

    Well, this is already bad enough to get you into troubles.

    "where the person asking is named by a vulgar word" - so, basically what you need is a list of vulgar words to name a person, and this list is abundant!
  8. rwils79 Senior Member

    Cairns, Queensland, Australia
    English - Australia
    Хех, я выложу мои знания с целью образования...: (Не каждое из этих слов - название)
    блядь, бля, блеать, блять, и т.д.
    сука, сучка
    шлюха, шлюшка
    ёбаный в рот
    хуй тебе в рот
    пошёл/пошла на хуй
    иди на хуй
    отсоси хуй
    отъебись (отсюда)
    соси хуй

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