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    This verb should mean "to undo one's suitcase" according to my learning software as it presents it as the counterpart of "пакова́ть (imp) - запакова́ть o упакова́ть (perf)" which means "to pack one's suitcase".
    I can't find it in the dictionary. I'd like to know if it's perfective or imperfective and if there's a synonym more frequently used.

    Thank you.
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  2. LiseR Member

    Распаковать it's perfective, распаковывать it's imperfective. And it's used not only for suitcase, it can also be used for any things which are in a box or something.
    I don't know whether there is such a verb in English "to unpack" but in German it would be
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  3. mabimabi Senior Member

    Thank you, it does: "unpack", "unwrap"...
  4. Descendant

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    The word may be also aplied to a software utility, unpacking archive files.

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