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?אוכל או מזון

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by Codinome Shlomo, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Codinome Shlomo Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazil)

    These words (מזון ואוכל) are synonyms, right?
    Could you please tell me what word is used the most?

  2. Stifled Junior Member

    We use אוכל on a routine conversation. The word מזון is rarely used in informal speech.
    It's very common however to hear it on the news or to be mentioned in papers.
    The term מוצרי מזון is very rife in any type of formal announcement.
  3. anipo Senior Member

    Spanish (Arg)- German
    While being synonyms, I would translate them as:
    אוכל = comida
    מזון= alimento
    As Stifled mentioned, אוכל is more routine.
  4. Codinome Shlomo Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Thank you guys! :)
  5. iyavor Senior Member

    I would add that מזון is also used, far more than אוכל, to refer to animal/plan food.

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