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דּוֹחֵף, דָּחוּף

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by rapunzelus, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. rapunzelus New Member


    I'd like to know what's the difference between דּוֹחֵף, דּוֹחֶפֶת, ... and דָּחוּף, דְּחוּפָה, ... both appear in "501 Hebrew Verbs" next to each other but I'm not sure what's the difference. דחף is just my example there are some more verbs with two forms in qal. I don't know why I haven't noticed it yet.

    Thanks for any help
  2. anipo Senior Member

    Spanish (Arg)- German
    Welcome to the forum, rapunzelus!
    דוחף, דוחפת is a verb meaning "to push". דחוף, דחופה is an adjective and means "urgent" (something that has to "be pushed" to get done".
  3. rapunzelus New Member

    Thanks for the welcome. So I suppose the form next to the verb form is always the adjective.

    You helped me a lot. Thank you!

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