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Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by dukaine, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. dukaine Senior Member

    madison heights, mi
    english - american
    When do you use this? My feeling is, based on the context in which I read it, that it's used to gain information rather than to locate, if that makes sense - like "Where are you?" would be "eifo", and "Where are you in this picture?" would be "heychan". Is that right?
  2. anipo Senior Member

    Spanish (Arg)- German
    היכן and איפה are synonyms, the latter being of common use. היכן is higher and used mostly in formal occasions.
  3. origumi Senior Member

    Synonyms, as anipo wrote. איפה is Biblical, היכן Gemaraic.
  4. TrampGuy Junior Member

    there's also איה which is either higher or maybe archaic
  5. airelibre

    airelibre Senior Member

    English - London
    Are היכן and איפה perfect synonyms? For example could the following sentence be used equally correctly with איפה substituted in?

    אני בטוח שהוא בדיוק היכן שהוא צריך להיות.
  6. origumi Senior Member

    In th sentence above, and practically everywhere in Modern Hebrew, the two can substitute each other. In high-register language there are subtle differences, see here for example:

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