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כי אל-אשר תלכי אלך

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by HebrewRing, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. HebrewRing New Member

    My fiance has a ring, and we have no idea what it says, could someone please tell us?
    Thank you.
    DSC_0016[1].jpg DSC_0017[1].jpg DSC_0018[1].jpg
  2. Tararam Senior Member

    It's oppside down and only the "אשר תלכי" is visible, but I guess the other word is "אלך".
    "אשר תלכי אלך" means "Wherever you go, I'll go (I'll follow)."

    Congratulations, Mazal-Tov by the way.
  3. HebrewRing New Member

    Thank you!!!
  4. Tararam Senior Member

    I'm sorry I didn't mention it, but the source of this sentence is from the Book of Ruth, chapter 1 verse 16.
  5. tFighterPilot Senior Member

    Israel - Hebrew
    The full sentence is כי אל-אשר תלכי אלך (I assume Tararam didn't notice there are 3 images).
  6. Tararam Senior Member

    Haha, Indeed I didn't... I stand corrected.
  7. HebrewRing New Member

    So what does the full sentence read in english?
  8. Tararam Senior Member

    "For wherever you go, I'll go"

    King James' translation is:
    "For whither thou goest, I'll go."
  9. Egmont Senior Member

    Massachusetts, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    Actually, it's "for whither thou goest, I will go." Contractions such as "I'll" would not have been used in serious writing when that translation was written in the early 1600s.
  10. Tararam Senior Member


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