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לדבר and להגיד

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by huhmzah, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. huhmzah

    huhmzah Senior Member

    Ithaca, NY
    Urdu - English
    What is the difference between the verbs לדבר and להגיד ?
  2. ks20495 Senior Member

    Hebrew and English
    להגיד means "to say"/"to tell." (Pretty much the same as לומר-אמר.)

    לדבר means "to speak."

    For example,
    I told him/said to him that I like the opera. = .הגדתי לו שאני אוהב את האופרה
    I spoke with him about the opera. = .דיברתי איתו על האופרה
  3. wolfman1 Junior Member

    English - USA
    I would have to disagree,

    I told him that I like the opera = אמרתילו שאני אוהב את האופרה

    לאמר and להגיד have similar meanings, but large differences in real usage

    לדבר means "to speak" but also "to talk"
  4. origumi Senior Member

    There's some kind of irregularity about the verb pair להגיד / לומר. In modern Hebrew, לומר (sometimes written לאמר) is more usual in past and present tense
    * אמרתי לו
    * תקשיב למה שאני אומר

    להגיד is used in the future (also as imperative)
    * תגיד לי
    * אני אגיד לו

    The verbs meaning is practically identical. Other forms, like לומר in the future or להגיד in past tense, exist of course, but less commonly used.
  5. yuval9 Senior Member

    לדבר = to talk
    we were talking about our trip
    דיברנו על הטיול שלנו
    i want to talk about friend
    אני רוצה לדבר על החבר שלי

    to say / to tell = לומר (every tense) or להגיד (never used in past or present)
    i usually use להגיד when i talk about something informative.
    הוא אמר לה שהוא אוהב אותה
    הוא יאמר לה שהוא אוהב אותה
    הוא אומר לה שהוא אוהב אותה כל בוקר
    הוא רוצה לומר לה שהוא אוהב אותה
    אמור לה שאתה אוהב אותה
    הוא יגיד לה שהוא אוהב אותה
    הוא רוצה להגיד לה שהוא אוהב אותה
    imperative: הגד לה - not used often

    הוא יגיד - I can understand that she doesn't know he loves her yet.
    הוא יאמר - I might think that she does know he loves her, but just want to say it.
  6. k8an Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia.
    English - Australian

    Completely agree. Great explanation of the difference between יגיד and יאמר - I think the same but I hadn't thought of an accurate way to explain it.

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