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לומר כבוד ?

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by rubidou, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. rubidou Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    I've got a question concerning the following piece of text – it deals with the first printed mahzorim in Italy and the significance of the early Soncino editions.

    אין ספק שהדפסת המחזורים (...) יש בה משום מעשה רב והישג אומר כבוד לא למדפיסים בלבד, אלא גם לקהל המתפללים (…)

    לומר כבוד למישהו

    Is this a common idiomatic expression? I'm unsure of its precise meaning, does it translate as 'to signify a lot', or 'to bestow honour onto' … ? I think I understand more or less what the author (Y. Yosef Cohen in Mavo le Mahzor Bene Roma) wants to convey, but I have difficulty finding the right words in which to render the meaning of the sentence.

    If it's not clear from the context, I can post the whole sentence (it's quite a long one).

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. origumi Senior Member

    Based on Psalms 29:9, last two words. It means "expressing honor", "emitting honor" or alike.

    This expression is not used often in Modern Hebrew, yet easily understood by the average reader in context like the one you quoted.
  3. rubidou Junior Member

    Thank you very much indeed, origumi. I wouldn't have thought it was actually a biblical expression.

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