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עוד נושר עלה מהעץ על החול

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by airelibre, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. airelibre

    airelibre Senior Member

    English - London
    Could you translate this sentence for me? It's the "נושר עלה" part that's troubling me.

    I don't think context is required but just in case it's from "פרפרים" by אורי בנאי.
  2. origumi Senior Member

    Still falling a leaf off the tree on (to) the sand.
  3. Stifled Junior Member


    A leaf is falling off the tree onto the sand.

    I wasn't correcting, just didn't see the first one when posted mine. :)
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013
  4. Egmont Senior Member

    Massachusetts, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    Perhaps the problem is that you thought עלה was a form of the verb לעלות (to go up)? It's a noun that means leaf, pronounced aleh.
  5. Stifled Junior Member

    Ho, no, I meant that I wasn't trying to revise the first post. The translation is fine.
  6. airelibre

    airelibre Senior Member

    English - London
    You beat me to it! That was the problem, I did know that עלה meant leaf, but I hadn't thought of that meaning, since I was thinking נושר and עלה were opposite meanings, but without a noun to act on. I see now so thanks.
  7. Stifled Junior Member

    Wow! to many misunderstandings by my part. I'm gonna forget this thread has ever happend. (I got up after 4pm today) :eek:
  8. Tararam Senior Member

    lol stifled.

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