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צריך VS זקוק ל

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by trigel, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. trigel Senior Member

    English - US, Korean
    What's the difference when they are used for "need [noun]"?
  2. GeriReshef

    GeriReshef Senior Member

    In general both have the same meaning.
    זקוק is seemed to be a little bit more formal and more urgent.
    Maybe צריך refers more to fisical or mental needs ("I need to go to the toilet..") and זקוק to external help or supply ("Huston we have a problem and need some help.."); though it isn't obligatory.

    If you are not sure - use צריך.
  3. airelibre

    airelibre Senior Member

    English - London
    In formal or professional language, you would see in English "I require assistance". What is used in Hebrew:
    אני זקוק לסיוע
    אני דורש סיוע
    ?או משהו אחר לגמרי
  4. GeriReshef

    GeriReshef Senior Member

    As far as I know- "require" has a meaning between need and insist/demand; so it can be both זקוק and דורש.
    I require assistance = אני זקוק לסיוע. I guess you may add "please" and not "this is an order!"
    A programmer is required to our company = נדרש מתכנת לחברה שלנו. The passive form נדרש has a softer meaning (comparing to the active אני דורש).

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