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"שכה אחיה"

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by bball909, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. bball909 Junior Member

    English -American
    How does one pronounce this expression שכה אחיה? Eli Amir uses it alot in one of his books.

    From what I understand it is the equivalent of נשבע לך ? or בחיים שלי

    Is it used anymore?
  2. trigel Senior Member

    English - US, Korean
    I suppose it's שֶׁכֹּה אֶחְיֶה.
  3. origumi Senior Member

    Also as the interjection blimey, lummy, but only in the positive sense: astonishment rather than anger.
  4. SugoiNe

    SugoiNe New Member

    Just as "origumi" said, It is an interjection indicating surprise or astonishment.
    It means something like the English "Well I'll be damned", as far as I know, though far more literary and formal.
    I myself have yet to hear anyone using this expression in person, though it is quite used in books and newspapers.
    You could also, obviously, encounter it on the internet.
  5. GeriReshef

    GeriReshef Senior Member

    In colloquial people would say "שככה יהיה לי טוב".
    The literal meaning of "שכה אחייה" is - "if it's true - may I have long lives" (so probably it is true, otherwise he wouldn't create a linkage between them).

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