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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by newbienew, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. newbienew Junior Member


    I am trying to work out if this word exists or not as I can't seem to find it in Al-Mawrid or Hans Wehr or in online dictionaries but I saw it online so I guess it must exist.

    It is استشرس \ يستشرس
    (the 10th Verb Form of the root letters ش ر س)

    In Hans Wehr it says the sense of ش ر س is 'to quarrel' so I wondered if Form X could mean 'to become quarrelsome/rampant' ?

    Or does it have some other meaning?

    Many thanks.
  2. barkoosh Senior Member

    استشرس is used in spoken Lebanese (no idea about other dialects) and it literally means "to become ferocious or aggressive". For example, a mother تستشرس when she sees that her children are in danger; or, an animal يستشرس when cornered.
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  3. newbienew Junior Member

    Ah thank you for explaining Barkoosh. Is it only in spoken then?
    I guess I wasn't too far off with 'to become quarrelsome' but it clearly has a very specific use in Lebanese with a (self)-protective' sense of aggression.
  4. barkoosh Senior Member

    I wouldn't be surprised to find it in written Arabic in Lebanon. However, I didn't find the verb even in modern dictionaries.
  5. Schem

    Schem Senior Member

    Najdi Arabic
    That's because it's not dialect, really. The adjective is common here but I wouldn't say the verb is.

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