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الاستعارة المكنية - الاستعارة التصريحية

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by the-quality-man-4, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. the-quality-man-4 Senior Member

    Al isti'ara al maknia
    Al isti'ara attasrihia
    may-I have an explanation?
  2. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
    Can you give us the context because it doesn't make much sense to me; or at least use Arabic letters.
  3. the-quality-man-4 Senior Member

    Thanx for your response.
    For the context,I haven't,especially that I want to know further about El-isti'ara el-maknia and El-isti'ara attasrihia,sorry that I can't tell you more,since I don't know what both mean.
  4. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
    Ok, that's my mistake, I didn't figure it out in Latin letters, I read it الاستعارة المكانية والاستعارة التسريحة, so it didn't make sense.:)

    The proper wording is الاستعارة المكنية والاستعارة الصريحة أو التصريحية

    Al-isti3aara is a type of majaaz مجاز, in this type you borrow one word to express another (hence the name isti3aara). First the terminology: al-mushabbah المُشَبَّه is the thing that you want to express and al-mushabbah bih المُشَبَّه به is the borrowed word.
    Al-isti3ara al-Saree7a is where the mushabbah bih is retained and used clearly (صراحة) to express the mushabbah in the sentence. Al-isti3ara al-makniyya is where the mushabbah bih is omitted and instead you use one of it's traits to express the mushabbah.


    لم أرَ بدرًا ضاحكا قبل وجهها === ولم ترَ قبلي ميتٌ يتكلمُ
    The isti3aara is in بدرًا, which is borrowed for her face; i.e., when he says badr he means her face; the word badr is retained hence it's isti3aara Saree7a.

    وإذا المنيةُ أنشبَت أظفَارَها === ألفيتُ كلَّ تميمة لا تنفع
    Here the isti3aara is that he is using سبع (wild animal such as a wolf or a lion or tiger...etc.) to express death; but it's makniyya because he did not clearly use the word sab3, rather he expressed it indirectly by saying that it "put it's claws" in him.
  5. the-quality-man-4 Senior Member

    merci beaucoup,beaucoup,beaucoup.

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