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الجن يعيش مع الإنسان

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by David30, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. David30 Junior Member

    The article I'm reading from my book is about a the literary history in the Arab world. Here is the full sentence for context

    ففيه تيار الوعي والتداخل بين الواقع والخيال، فالجن يعيش مع الأنسان في مكان واحد.. وحتى فن القصة القصيرة الذي يعتقد أنه فن أوروبي موجود في ألف ليلى وليلة
  2. Lark-lover

    Lark-lover Senior Member

    It means "jinn"
  3. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    It's fa-l-jinnu. You probably know all these words already if you're reading this sort of text, but fa- is probs best translated as 'and' or 'so' here (not 100% clear without context).
  4. David30 Junior Member



    It was actually on the vocab list. I dont know how I missed it.


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