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السلام عليكم (as-salāmu...) vs. السلام وعليكم (...as-salām)

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Diadem, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Diadem Senior Member

    USA (English)
    In the phrase السلام عليكم, why is the word السلام transliterated into English as as-salāmu (note the "u" at the end), but in the response وعليكم السلام , the word السلام is transliterated into English as as-salām (note the missing "u" at the end)? Can someone explain the reason please that there is no "u" at the end of السلام in the response?
  2. Finland Senior Member

    Hello! This is how you vocalise the greeting:
    السلامُ عليكم
    وعليكم اليسلامُ
    So, the u-sound is theoretically there (because the word is in nominative case). As for its pronunciation, even when reading final vowels (case endings) out loud, one doesn't pronounce the last final vowel of the last word of a phrase (the "pausa" phenomenon).

  3. Diadem Senior Member

    USA (English)
    Thanks, that's what I figured! :)

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