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الصبر مفتاح الفرج

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by الفكرون, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. الفكرون New Member


    How would you say "patience is the key to deliverance" ?

    I'm thinking "Assabrou miftàhou alfaraji":

    Does that look right ?

    Thanks in advance...
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  2. Masjeen Senior Member

    Arabian Gulf
  3. الفكرون New Member

    Thanks... I thought so.

    But have a look at google translation's version of that sentence (arabic -> english) ... and laugh as hard as you can !

    Thanks Masjeen ;)
  4. Muwahid

    Muwahid Senior Member

    U.S. English
    My rule of thumb is, when Google doesn't translate my sentence correctly, it's probably right. But wouldn't your sentence translate to Patience is a key to deliverance? What about adding the definate article المفتاح?
  5. Abu Rashid

    Abu Rashid Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Australian English
    I think مفتاح الفرج is an idaafah, in which case the first item cannot take al at-t3areef. The idaafah construct is definite already, if the last word is definite. Its definiteness is decided by the state of that last word.
  6. الفكرون New Member

    Then my friend we think alike ;)

    Yep, there's something like that, you probably explained it better than I ever could but I confirmed that with one of my learning books :)

    Thank you guys
  7. Josh_ Senior Member

    the phrontistery
    U.S., English
    That is because there are two words that are spelled the same way, but have different vowel structures, and have very different meanings -- :warn:فَرْج, farj (vulva), and فَرَج, faraj (release from suffering/grief). Obviously, Google translator was translating it as the former and not the latter. Just be sure you get the correct pronunciation when you say it, otherwise it might lead to some funny looks:). There are other words like this as well, perhaps the most common being حَمام, Hamaam (pigeons), and حَمّام, Hammaam (bathroom).

    I imagine this was meant as a tongue in cheek comment, but I thought I would mention, for those who may not have realized that, that this really isn't a good rule of thumb, as both the original text and the translation may be in error or the translation may be correct, but the original sentence may have some error. Of course, as everyone knows, machine translation should not be relied upon 100%, anyway. Nothing can replace that human touch.

    As others have said, yes, it is an iDaafa construction and as such the first word will be definite without needing the definite article.
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  8. Ibn Nacer Senior Member

    French - France

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