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الملازمة والتدريب

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by abdulwahid, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. abdulwahid Senior Member

    Does anyone know the difference between these two? I'm translating a Syrian certificate from كلية الصيدلة in Damascus and in the end it says:

    يتبع الطالب ملازمة وتدريبا عمليا في أحدى الصيدليات على فترتين خلال العطل الصيفية

    This is after completing the third year. And then it says:

    يتبع الطالب في السنة الخامسة تدريبا عمليا في مخابر مشافي الجامعة أو مشافي الدولة
  2. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    I don't know what ملازمة is, but التدريب العملي is practical training. For doctors, you can translate it with "internship", but for the other specialties, maybe just "training" or "practice".
  3. Bakr Senior Member

  4. abdulwahid Senior Member

    Thank you!

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