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بُحتُ - باح - يبوح

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by sirr, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. sirr Junior Member

    Swedish & Kurdish
    Hi! The English translation of the phrase والله.. لو بُحـتُ بأيِّ حرفٍ from Nizar Qabbani's poem لا تسألوني reads "By God..if you even croaked a letter".

    I wonder about the verb بُحـتُ , it seems to be from the root ب ح ح , but I don't understand how it's conjugated. Which person is it?

    By the translation I would say 2nd person masc singular (or plural), but in Arabic it looks like a 1st person singular.
  2. شخص ما

    شخص ما Junior Member

    بحت means said or revealed
    the root is ب و ح
    there is only one person and talking about himself
    which means لو بحت أنا بأي حرف
    the verb باح is intransitive

    the letter ت refers to the subject
  3. sirr Junior Member

    Swedish & Kurdish
    Thank you! The translation is very confusing since it says "if you even croaked", so both person and meaning of the verb is translated wrongly.

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