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جامعة من جامعات ألمانيا

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by newbie24, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. newbie24 Junior Member


    This is probably a silly and very basic question: I'm not sure I understand this sentence correctly:
    آمل أن أجد مكاناً للدّراسة في جاميعة من جامعات ألمانيا
    I guess it just says "I hope I'll find a place to study in a German university". Is this correct? If yes: why the construction with min, instead of just using an adjective? I also have difficulties with the form ألمانيا. This seems to be the noun Germany, not a form of an adjective - is this a construct? (I hope 'construct' is the right name, I'm German and have sometimes difficulties to find the correct English terms)

    The sentence is from an exercise in a textbook without further context given.

    Thanks and regards,

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  2. Kinan

    Kinan Senior Member

    جامعة not جاميعة
    You can of course use a different structure "آمل ان أجد مكانا للدراسة في جامعة المانية" which you have translated it to English in your post. Here المانية is an adjective.
    In your example, المانيا is مضاف اليه and it's translated literally as "i hope to find a place to study in one of the German universities".
  3. newbie24 Junior Member

    Thank you very much, this explains it nicely to me.

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