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زنا - زنى

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by natnouta, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. natnouta Junior Member


    Do we say : دعوى زنا أو دعوى زنى
    and what is the difference between them noting that i found sentences in which they used both of them.

    THank you
  2. Schem

    Schem Senior Member

    Najdi Arabic
    زنا is the right spelling.
  3. makandés66 Senior Member

    Old Upper Louisiana
    Midwestern USA English
    Does this mean allegation of prostitution?
  4. barkoosh Senior Member

    I think they both work. There's no difference between them.
  5. Mighis

    Mighis Senior Member

    أما من الناحية الإملائية فالرسم الأول أدق لتمييز الإسم عن الفعل و كذلك لأنه إسم ثلاثي إنقلبت ألفه عن واو، هكذا تكلم أهل صنعة الإملاء.
    أما من الناحية الدلالية، فالمنطوق هنا يسد أبواب تحديد المفهوم، فحيث لا تركيب لا معنى مؤدى.
  6. fdb Senior Member

    Cambridge, UK
    French (France)

    I agree. There are in fact three forms: زنى zinan, زنا zinan, زناء zināʼun. You will find all of them both in modern books and in old manuscripts.

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