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عامل تخريد

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Mayouka, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Mayouka

    Mayouka New Member

    Cairo, Egypt
    Arabic - English
    Hi all,
    I'm working on a translation task from Arabic into English and I've found "عامل تخريد" in the text; here "عامل" means "factor" but I don't actually know what's the meaning of "تخريد" and I've searched for it and all I found for its meaning in English is "scrapping," is this right? And if so, would you elaborate what does it stands for?!

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. AndyRoo Senior Member

    I think it means "a scrap [metal] dealer".

    عامل = worker
  3. Mayouka

    Mayouka New Member

    Cairo, Egypt
    Arabic - English
    Dear Andy,
    Thanks a lot for your reply :)

    I already know that
    "عامل" means "worker," but within the context I'm translating it actually means "factor." But that is not the problem, the problem is with the word "تخريد" as I don't know what does it stand for in Arabic & English and by looking it up I found that it means "scrapping" in English, yet I don't get what does it means in Arabic and whether is it right to be translated as "scrapping" or not?!

    Here is the context where it occurred:
    من خلال تصميم المنتج يمكن تعريف المواد الخام المستخدمة في التصنيع، وعامل التخريد لكل عنصر

  4. AndyRoo Senior Member


    It does indeed seem to be saying "the scrap factor of each element..."(does the sentence continue? If so, it might help us to see it).

    Maybe it is saying when you design a product, you need to consider how it will be disposed of at the end of its life.
  5. Mayouka

    Mayouka New Member

    Cairo, Egypt
    Arabic - English
    Well, Andy, the sentence stops with it. That's why it's a little bit confusing as it's so much related to manfacturing. I'll translate it as scrap as that's what I found by looking it up plus your help :)

  6. Tracer

    Tracer Senior Member

    Wadi Jinn
    American English
    Here's a possibility:

    "On the basis of the manufacturer's design, it is possible to identify the raw ingredients used in the production (of the item). It's also possible to calculate the planned obsolescence of each of its components."


    1. "the factor of (planned) obsolescene..." sounds too wordy. You don't need "factor" here (in English)

    2. You can't "identify" the obsolescene of something. You can "calculate" it (etc) which is why I added here although it's not in the original Arabic.

    3. The expression "scrap factor" is not used in English to describe how long an item will last. The term in use in economic theory is "obsolescence" of an item.

    4. Although the word "planned" is not included in the original Arabic, I think that's what it meant here. Most manufactured items these days are indeed "planned" to last only so long. ("They don't make them like they used to"). The term "planned obsolescene" is widely used. The expression "built-in lifespan" is also seen.
  7. Mayouka

    Mayouka New Member

    Cairo, Egypt
    Arabic - English
    Thanks a lot Tracer :)
    You've provided me with great info :thumbsup:


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