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عربات أيلول

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Cilquiestsuens, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Cilquiestsuens Senior Member

    Good Morning,
    السلام عليكم

    I was reading a poem by Nizar Kabbani and wasn't able to understand the words in bold. Can someone help me?

    أريد أن أصنع لكِ أبجدية
    غير كل الأبجديات
    فيها شيء من إيقاع المطر
    و شيء من توجع أوراق الصفصف
    تحت عربات أيلول

  2. Crimson-Sky

    Crimson-Sky Senior Member

    بلاد بابل - Babylonia
    This might help you.
  3. Cilquiestsuens Senior Member

    Right, thank you for your reply and for the link.

    I understand the meaning of the word عربات أيلول as September's carriage wheels. But what are those 'September's carriage wheels', what do they refer to? What does that mean?
  4. Crimson-Sky

    Crimson-Sky Senior Member

    بلاد بابل - Babylonia
    Maybe "أيلول" refers to Black September, the Jordanian civil war (Syria played a part in this war). Military vehicles (عربات عسكرية) were used in the Jordanian civil war. So maybe the (Syrian) author was talking about some type of military vehicles -armored cars ? عربات مصفحة ? Anyway I'm not really sure. Wait for someone else I'm sure there are others who can help :).
  5. Cilquiestsuens Senior Member

    Thanks in any case for the help. :)

    I am quite sure this expression must have some sort of significance to the author.

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