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علم تطيب به نفسي

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by CSB2808, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. CSB2808 Senior Member

    this is so incomprehensible!

    ما تحبين يا ظريفة علم تطيب به نفسك او مولود تقر به عينك؟ فقالت: علم تطيب به نفسي فجر بيده على صدرها ومسح بظاهر كفه على بطنها فعقمت فكانت لا تلد اتسعت
    في العلم وأعطيت منه حظا عظيما

    What is
    علم تطيب ? The science of perfume?

    So, what do you like to perfume yourself with or have a child recognized by your eye??
    Perfuming myself with it is blowing its hand on my chest and wiping my forehead with its fist on my tummy so I am sterile, so she could not give have children and she expanded her knowledge and gave him good luck.

    What on earth..?
  2. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    I think (although you want a native here) that the first bit is "What do you want, o Zarifa, knowledge by which your soul might improve, or a child to delight you?" It's a noun with a relative clause: 3ilm ta6iibu bi-hi nafsu-ki. According to Hans-Wehr, qarra 3aynu-hu bi- is 'be delighted at' - you're reading it as aqarra bi-.

    The second bit is something like "She said: knowledge by which my soul may improve. So he moved his hand over her chest and brushed her stomach with his fist, and she became infertile, and she never bore children. Her knowledge grew and she was granted from it good luck." Without context it's more difficult to do this part, but I assume she's being asked what she prefers by a Jinn or a wizard or something who then, when she chooses knowledge, makes her infertile by magic. I'm a little bit dubious about the bit with كانت لا تلد اتسعت because I would expect there to be something there - a فـ or a و or something - breaking up the two. Perhaps there's something else going on here like 'and not bearing children she grew', although then I would expect a و still. Your interpretation came from mistaking ta6iibu for a ma5dar - we have exactly the same structure here as in the first section - and then misreading فـ, which usually shows a following action rather than coordination like و. You should read عقمت as 3aqumat she became infertile'. The min in the final line means something like 'because of', and أعطيت has to be 2u36iyat because if it was active the form would be written أعطت 'she gave'.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Bakr Senior Member

  4. CSB2808 Senior Member

    Thats awesome thank you so much. You're right there was a و in كانت لا تلد واتسعت I just mistyped it.
  5. Bakr Senior Member

    طابت به نفسي [i.e. I, or my mind, was, or became, cheerful, happy, pleased, or dilated, by means of it; agreeably with what
    next precedes: or pleased, content, or willing, to grant, concede, give, or do, it]...

    Lane's Lexicon
  6. analeeh Senior Member

    English - UK
    Ahh that makes more sense. I was thinking literally like in 3aammiyyah طبت 'I got better'.

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