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على رِسلكم

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by suma, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. suma Senior Member

    English, USA
    Is this heard of or used much?
    على رِسلكم = at your convenience, take your time
  2. the_diana Senior Member

    Depending on the context, it could translate to "Don't be quick to act", or "Take it easy", or "Slow down".
  3. suma Senior Member

    English, USA
    As in: "Get back to me on this matter, no hurry take your time."
    You think على رِسلكم would work for that?
  4. the_diana Senior Member

    No. It sounds as if they're going too fast and you want them to slow down because they might rush into doing something crazy. This is not the meaning you want to convey.

    If you want them to take their time, you can use:
    خذ وقتك، لست في عجلة من أمري

    خذ وقتك

  5. Abu Talha

    Abu Talha Senior Member

    If it is a concern, some don't like using خذ وقتك.
  6. thair New Member

    Don't judge on this person from first meet. Take your time
    ﻻتحكم على تاشخص من اول لقاء.خذ وقتك

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