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عناية / اعتناء

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by makandés66, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. makandés66 Senior Member

    Old Upper Louisiana
    Midwestern USA English
    السلام عليكم و مرحبا

    I would like to know the difference in usage between these two related words. Specifically, I am creating an instruction sheet for after an operation. The title is "episiotomy care" would this be عنانة بضع الفرج or rather اعتناء بعض الفرج this is an instruction sheet designed to be read by women post partum, so it would be intended for the patient caring for her own surgical wound. I feel like the difference in the two words is whether the verb "care" is reflexive or not.

    thanks alot everyone
  2. barkoosh Senior Member

    Basically, both عناية and اعتناء mean the same thing. The difference is that اعتناء is more used as a مصدر (verbal noun), as in الاعتناء بالمسنين "taking care of the elderly". although عناية can be a مصدر, as in العناية بالبشرة "taking care of the skin", it's more used as a noun, as in العناية الإلهية "Divine Providence" or العناية الفائقة أو العناية المركزة "intensive care".

    The literal rendering of "episiotomy care", whether it's عناية بضع الفرج or اعتناء بضع الفرج, seems too rigid. It's as if you're saying: 'caring for the act of incising the perineum/vulva', which makes no sense. It's advisable to use a less technical style when your audience is not professional. For your sentence I suggest something like: العناية بالجرح بعد/إثر بضع الفرج.
  3. makandés66 Senior Member

    Old Upper Louisiana
    Midwestern USA English
    merci barkoosh, your suggestions are clear and appreciated
  4. ayed Senior Member

    To be away off any such a word that may evoke the image of "the axe wound", you could simpy say:
    العناية بالقبل al3inayatu bil qubul
    العناية بالقبل بعد العملية التجميلية

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