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كان رجلاً لا يجود الزمان بمثله

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by mariu5, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. mariu5 Junior Member

    In this phrase

    كان رجلاً لا يجود الزمان بمثله

    i don't understand anything. The translation is something like "he was a man like which it wasn't another along the time" (or, simply "he was unique along the time"). Has someone time to explain me this phrase grammatically, word by word ?

    I suppose كان رجلاً is a nominal proposition ("he was a man"), with رجل in accusative, as always. It's ok.
    But farther ? The verb يجيد ( root U J D ) means "to find, to exist". But يجود ?? Why is vowel U instead of I ??
    The noun الزمان ("the time") is a subject here ? It seems to be so, but i can't understand the sense of the proposition.
    Also, why is necessary preposition BI in the construction بمثله ? The comparative of similitude use just the particle مثل (misla), without preposition BI. Or, the word مثل is, in fact, the noun "example" (masal) ?

    I don't understand anything. This situation makes me cry.
  2. Linolenic Senior Member

    كان رجلًا is as you said "he was a man"
    يجود is from the root ج و د which means "to be generous/ to give"
    الزمان is a subject..
    بمثله because the particle after يجود is بـِ so the phrase يجود بـ means to be generous
    مثله = like him
    so the sentence means, he was a man that time (life) can not give a person like him..
  3. mariu5 Junior Member

    You saved me! I have understood the phrase now. Thanks!
  4. Josh_ Senior Member

    the phrontistery
    U.S., English
    Some equivalent English phrases:

    He was one of a kind.
    He was an incomparable man.
    He was a man unlike any other.
    He was a man whom we will never see the likes of again.

    Or more faithfully to the Arabic:
    He was a man whom time will never bestow (upon us) the likes of again. <-- Somewhat poetic sounding, like I imagine the Arabic is.
  5. mariu5 Junior Member

    Thank you!

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