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كن معجبا بالاختلاف واعترف بشبيهك

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by ghalam, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. ghalam New Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Hello all,

    I would like to know what it is written in this specific tattoo: s.glbimg.com/jo/eg/f/original/2012/02/03/danilob_looks_me004_cmyk_1.jpg (add http, colon, double slash, to the beginning)

    I've tried to translate it using an online dictionary but the only word I could identify was معجبا. I want to know if the other words have any meaning, if they are misspelled or if they don't even exist.

    Thanks very much for your kindly attention.
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  2. akhooha Senior Member

    English - USA
    Unfortunately for the wearer of the tattoo, it looks to me like gibberish, something made to look like Arabic but which says nothing at all...
    P.S. To access the link, you actually have to add http:// to the beginning
  3. ghalam New Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Thanks for the quick reply akhooha.

    As I am a Junior Member, I'm not allowed to post links.

    Here are two more pictures of the same tattoo from different angles:

    (add http, colon, double slash to the beginning)

  4. كلمات Senior Member

    It is badly done, but I can make out the first sentence:

    كن معجبا بالاختلاف واعلن
    Admire the diversity/differences and express ...

    I can't decipher the rest.
  5. ghalam New Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Thanks for your help, كلمات.

    You did a great job deciphering the characters, they are horribly done.

    The last word looks like ضلبشبلهك, but as akhooha said, it looks like gibberish.

    As the first words have meaning, this one probably has too, but it's so badly written that I find very difficult that someone can find out.
  6. Bakr Senior Member

    الأخ "كلمات" استطاع فك هذه الكتابة:ـ

    كن معجبا بالاختلاف

    وأقترح تأويلا للجزء الأخير:ـ

    وإعترف بشبيهك

    كأنها ترجمة من لغة أخرى، أما الكتابة فلا حديث عنها، أي أن الجملة كلها :ـ

    كن معجبا بالاختلاف وإعترف بشبيهك
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  7. ghalam New Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    Thanks for replying Bakr, but could you please answer in English? I'm a Persian, not Arabic speaker.

    Thank you!
  8. ghalam New Member

    Portuguese - Brazil

    If the sentence is "كن معجبا بالاختلاف وإعترف بشبيهك" can this be translated as "admire the differences and recognize/admit the similarities"?

    Thanks for your help.
  9. Bakr Senior Member

    Admire the differences and recognize (your own kind/who is like you...)

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