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مرّ صيادان ورأيا الغدير واتفقا على الرجوع لصيد السمك

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Anne58, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Anne58 Senior Member


    مرّ صيادان ورأيا الغدير واتفقا على الرجوع لصيد السمك

    I'm pretty sure that رأيا is تأيان and likewise اتفقا is اتفقان but I don't understand why the ن has been removed from both of them.

    If someone could explain this it would be great.

  2. Finland Senior Member


    Nothing has been removed. The verbs in your sentence are in past tense, and the past tense in 3rd person dual goes
    فعلا، فعلتا

  3. abdu-ki Senior Member

    hi there , first of all there are nothing removed , this is a bast tense verb of رأى , اتفق and when we want to talk about two persons in arabic we add to the past tense verb the letter ا at the end of the verb to make the verb become in a two-form ,
    two-form is not exist in english because they make it plural , but in arabic the plural starts from number three

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