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وللحرية الحمراء باب بكل يد مضرجة يدق

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by porcupine317, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. porcupine317 New Member

    English - U.S.
    وللحرية الحمراء باب بكل يد مضرجة يدق

    From what I understand the basic translation of this expression is, "There is a door to [red] freedom on which every bloodstained hand knocks." Is there a more accurate translation? A clearer translation?

    Also, does anyone know its origin? Thanks!
  2. licinio

    licinio Senior Member

    My idea is that بُكِّلَ should be read passive, was bolted. In front of red freedom there is a shut door that a bloodstained hand knocks. Red must refer to hardness to gain.
  3. ayed Senior Member

    Welcome to the Arabic forum..
    This is a poetic verse of a poem written by the famous Egyptian poet, Ahmad Shawqi..He likens freedom as a fortified castle with a closed door and never ever be opened unless there are many sacrifices and efforts.
    Freedom has a door knocked at by every bloodstained hand..It means no freedom without bloodshedding..
    I hope this help you ..
  4. porcupine317 New Member

    English - U.S.
    Thanks! That really helps

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