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يا عاذلي بالله

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by kalem, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. kalem Junior Member

    یاعاذلي بالله is taht means " o rightous god" if it is why isn't it written like that عادلي? ı saw it on a moroccon website
  2. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).

    Please provide a complete sentence. The word عاذل means "someone who blames". And بالله is the begining of a strong request. But without further context, we can't tell for sure what is the being said.
  3. kalem Junior Member

    يا عاذلي بالله دعني نزد عشقا
  4. إسكندراني

    إسكندراني Senior Member

    أرض الأنجل
    عربي (مصر)ـ | en (gb)
    بالله in western dialects means 'please'. In Egypt we can say بالله عليك

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