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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by nn.om, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. nn.om

    nn.om Senior Member

    What do you think of this sentence?

    I'm trying to say:
    I will show you my photo later.

    Does 見せてあげろう sound awkward here? is it better to say 見せよう or 見せます/見せる?
  2. Tonky Senior Member

    What you are trying to say here is probably either 見せてあげる or 見せてあげよう (stem+よう for volitional form), but we need to know whom you are talking to and some contexts and/or background info.
    ~てあげる can be quite rude, depending on the situation.
  3. nn.om

    nn.om Senior Member

    OMG. Yes I think I was trying to say あげよう. I felt that there was something wrong with what I said >.<"

    I was chatting with an online friend. He's Japanese, of course. Our conversation is a mix of English, Arabic and Japanese.

    Thank you.
  4. Tonky Senior Member

    ah, I see. 見せてあげよう/あげる would probably be just fine then.
    (In general, girls tend to avoid てあげよう and use てあげる/てあげるね instead, but it depends on each speaker's taste.)

    In case you want to be a bit politer, you could say お見せします/お見せしましょう too.
  5. nn.om

    nn.om Senior Member

    Thanks a lot, Tonky!

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