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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by rainbowizard, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. rainbowizard

    rainbowizard Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    the situation is the following ... a guy is in the apartment of a girl, he's looking around.
    Then he points at a picture on a desk and asks her ご家族ですか
    and she replies "yes, that's my family..."

    ... I can easily guess he asked "Is that your family?" but my question ... what is that ご?
    Is it something like an "onorific" prefix like お?

    Thank you
  2. mishels New Member

    Yes, it is.
    Some words in Japanese take the honorific お and other words take a ご prefix.
    As far as I know ご is a prefix for originally Chinese words and お is the prefix for words that are native Japanese.

    But basically you just have to remember what goes with what.
    Other examples for words that take ご.

  3. rainbowizard

    rainbowizard Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Thank you mishels.
    The challenge will be now to remember what words may go with お and what with ご ^^
  4. mishels New Member

    Usually, if a word has more than one Kanji and no hiragana/katakana, it will be ご since obviously it came from Chinese.
    So that would be a helpful hint.
    And if it's only one kanji and the reading is the Japanese reading, it will probably be お.


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