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ニホンノ レスリハ

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by lcenter, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. lcenter New Member

    My mother recently died and in an old photo album I came across a baby picture of myself. Under the picture was written something that appears to be Kanji. AS my mother did not know Kanji, maybe my father wrote it. Can anyone translate this for me?
    Many thanks.


  2. lcenter New Member

    It just occurred to me to add some info. If this was written by my father, he was in Japan just after the war. I was born December 1945 my full name is Leslie Center and I was born in Bermuda. There is every possibility that this may be "phonetic" Japanese (I said it was Kanji but it may be Katana) so maybe the sounds are what he was going for and maybe they aren't real Japanese words at all.


  3. Schokolade Senior Member

    Yes it's Katakana, and apparently was written by a non-native speaker of Japanese. It looks to me like:

    ニホンノ レスリハ (nihon no Leslie wa) "Leslie in Japan" or "Leslie of Japan" 
    バームダニ (baamuda ni) "to Bermuda", "in Bermuda" or "for Bermuda". "Leslie left Japan for Bermuda" or "Japanese Leslie is in Bermuda"...??
    ジョトフィ or ジョトネ? (Jotofi/Jotone?) ???
  4. lcenter New Member

    Thank you Schokolade. I was never in Japan so the "in Bermuda" could be right. As far as I know my father did not speak Japanese so this is almost certainly "phonetic" Japanese. Thanknyou for your assistance.


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