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一样 / 一般

Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by alejandro123, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. alejandro123 Junior Member

    If I want to say that A is like/looks the same as B, I mostly use this pattern: (跟)像。。。一样, for example:

    But I found that sometines 一样 can be raplaced with 一般 or with 似的, is there any difference in the sentence meaning then?
    What's more instead of using 像 we can say 如:

    So I feel quite fuzzy about that, choicing of words only depends on your speaking habits or something else?
  2. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    I would say 跟/和。。。一样 emphasise "same as" or “as...as...” or "almost the same as"
    像。。。一样 and 跟/像/和。。。似的 emphasise "similar to" or "seem/like"
    So, 我弟弟跟我丈夫一样高--my younger brother is as tall as my husband.
    What do you mean by the second sentence?

    如。。。一般 is similar to 似的, but it's more used in literature works.
  3. alejandro123 Junior Member

    The second sentence was incomplete but don't bother yourself too much, I just wanted to know what is the most common way say that A is like/looks the same as B.

    So in daily life 如 isn't a common expression? Because sometimes while browsing weibo or different chinese web pages I come across 如 or 如同.

  4. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member


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