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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by alejandro123, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. alejandro123 Junior Member

    Hi again! Today while browsing weibo I bumped into this sentence the meaning I cannot figure out.

    Particularly, I don't understand the role of 不妨 here.

  2. ridgemao Senior Member

    不妨 means "it would be well if"
  3. zhg Senior Member


  4. alejandro123 Junior Member

    I think I got it. I'd translate it like: there is a time (for a woman) to be successful, as well as to be a little princess.
  5. SuperXW Senior Member

    Hm, your interpretation is very close, although not a literal translation.
    By the way, I think 大女人 indicates not only successful women, but also those women who have control over their husbands.
  6. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    I agree with SuperXW. Although it would not be wise to try to be very precise, I think the gist of the original is something like: "Although we're trying to be independent, it wouldn't do any harm once in a while to accept favours from the boys."
  7. Youngfun

    Youngfun Senior Member

    Pekino, Ĉinujo
    Chinese/Italian - bilingual
    More colloquially, I'd translate 不妨 as "why not (doing something)"
  8. alejandro123 Junior Member

    Ok, so please take a look at these sentences:

    我们不妨搭早上的飞机。 或 我们搭早上的飞机吧。
    咱们今晚不妨玩一把。 或 咱们今晚玩一把怎么样?

    Can I simply change 不妨 with 吧 or 怎么样?
  9. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    No, not automatically. You have to remember the basic meaning of 不妨 first (as given in my translation), and then you'll know when it is appropriate to replace it with 吧 or 怎么样, and when it is not appropriate to do so.
  10. alejandro123 Junior Member

    Yes, I know but when others gave me english translation of 不妨, I at once came up with an idea that 不妨 sometimes can have similar meaning to 吧,怎么样. So, in the first place I should have asked if SOMETIMES is it possible to exchange these words.

    This appropriate-not-appriopriate thing is confusing sometimes. For me some language construction or a sentence sounds great but native speaker at the same time says: no way! :)
  11. zhg Senior Member

    They might be similar but not the same, If you make a sentence with 不妨, it's a statement so you are not asking for others' opinions or what they might think.You impose your ideas on others,so there is a high possiblity that they will accept your suggestion, however ,if you make sentences with 吧,or 怎么样 (我们搭早上的飞机吧;咱们今晚玩一把怎么样? ) you are asking what they think, therefore you might get Yes or you might get No ,it's a 50-50 chance thing,for example 不,我下午要开会我们搭晚上的飞机吧;不,我还有功课要做明天再玩吧;好;行。

    Usually in order
    to make it more convinving we state our reasons first, and then begin a sentence with不妨。
    E.g. 早上飞机票便宜,我们不妨搭早上的飞机。
  12. Pierre_zane Junior Member

    I don't find it so complicated. 不妨 is a way of putting forward suggestions and my automatic translation would be: might...as well. But it seems to me a bit archaic so I would only use it in written language but never in my daily conversation.
  13. Skatinginbc

    Skatinginbc Senior Member

    Mandarin 國語
    Agreed, especially if the sentence structure is something like "同时,不妨" and "的话, 不妨", where the primeval meaning of 不妨 (i.e., 妨碍) hardly crosses my mind.
  14. lyx1692

    lyx1692 Senior Member

    I think it is easy.
    "不妨”=why not , used to make a suggestion
  15. 维尼爱蜂蜜 Junior Member

    没错 我也想说这个

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