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  1. yuehmaoping Junior Member

    How do we say 不要吃我豆腐and妳真三八in English? Thank you so much.

  2. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    I would translate them as the following but there are other possibilities, especially when they're in proper contexts:

    不要吃我豆腐: Don't try to take advantage of me!
    妳真三八: You're a real bitch!

    (Is this a dialogue you had with someone? ;))

    PS: You can translate 妳真三八 above as "Don't be silly!", if the tone of the original is not serious.
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  3. yuehmaoping Junior Member

    Hi, xiaolijie, I got it. Thanks a lot.

  4. MèngDié Senior Member

    不要吃我豆腐 is telling someone not to take advantage of me, but specifically in a sexual way, as in inappropriate touches etc. However, the accusation is not very serious in Chinese, and sometimes said in a joking manner. I would translate it as "Don't harasse me!", "Get your hands off me!" etc., but understand that the Chinese expression is softer.

    妳真三八: 三八 I think refers to someone who is nosy and likes to gossip, although in recent years it may have become an all-encompassing word such as the "b" word in English, I don't know. In its original meaning, I would translate it as "You are such a busybody", "You are so gossipy", etc. Maybe there are more colloquial ways of rendering this?
  5. viajero_canjeado Senior Member

    English - Southeastern USA
  6. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    I think the usage of this phrase may be different depending on where you are. My example "Don't be silly!" is similar to what vc was saying.
  7. yuehmaoping Junior Member

    Thank you for your insightful explanations.
  8. yuehmaoping Junior Member

    Thank you for your good idea.