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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by jinxnao, May 11, 2011.

  1. jinxnao Senior Member

    turkey turkish
    中国贸易顺差4月升高为人民币升值增压 .
    Here is a sentence from BBC , I guess with the use of wei here it is meant "to, in order to for etc" .Is it true? Is translation with this sentence is
    Chinese trade surplus in april increase for renminbi increase to boom.
  2. bibbe New Member

    actually not.

    为normally means in order to/for, but in this case, it means made it...

    the whole sentence means: The increase of Chinese trade surplus in April stressed the boom of ¥.

    FYI, i tried my best to explain it in my way, hope you understand. ^—^
  3. LC_vam Junior Member

    It was you who translate this sentence or bbc?
    my mother tongue is chinese, but I can't understand this part'人民币升值增压'...
  4. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    原本人民币要升值就已倍感压力, 再加上国内贸易顺差就更是雪上加霜了。
    I think I'm confused too. 增压 should be 增加压力 (resistance). But we all know RMB has no problem at all to inflate its value. So 这里的"增压"是"助长"吗?
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  5. MèngDié Senior Member

    The Chinese trade surplus increased in April, which put more pressure for the Renminbi to increase its value.
  6. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    中国贸易顺差4月升高为人民币升值增压 =
    China's increase in trade surplus in April has put pressure on the RMB to appreciate.
  7. gpu Junior Member

    The structure "A 为 B" means doing something ("A") intentionally in order to achieve something ("B").

    As we can not find the logic that 人民币升值增压 is the intention of 中国贸易顺差4月升高, "为" is not appropriate here.

    In this context, 人民币升值增压 is the result but not the intention of 中国贸易顺差4月升高, so it should be better to say

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