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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by ouzhantekin, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. ouzhantekin Senior Member

    Istanbul /伊斯坦堡
    Turkish - Standard

    我遇到了這個片語不過被弄糊塗了。 有一個句子說 : "你看這幾家店鋪都是以運動和休閒為主的。"

    或是還有一個例如是我在網路上看到的。是在一家公司的簡介裏面用的。 "本厂以民营为主:企业拥有先进的机械设备。。。"

    我認為應該是to specialize in的意思, 好像跟·主修·一樣, 不過不確定所以要問你們。 可能的話能不能再寫一些例如給我看?

    我可不可以說 "在生活里我是以友情為主。" 我試著說的是 "In life I give priority to friendships." 或是 "I give utmost important to friendship." 這句話是對的嗎?
  2. Ghabi

    Ghabi Moderator

    Cantonese (Hong Kong)
    Hi! I think it's more like "mostly", for example, 他的日常飲食以蔬果為主 "his diet consists mostly of fruit and vegetable". For "I give utmost importance to friendship" you may say 我最看重的是友情.
  3. toicy Junior Member

    Chinese - Cantonese
    "在生活里我是以友情為主" 和 "我最看重的是友情" 內裡意思應該不一樣吧?
    The former one means that you always hang around with your friends(but not your girlfriend/parents). (physically)
    The later one emphasizes that you take friendship into priority. (mentally)
    I would like to have a try. "在生活里我是以友情為主" in English "Friendship is always in my daily life." (??)
    As my English is not good at all, I think Cantonese will understand my words and correct them.
  4. ouzhantekin Senior Member

    Istanbul /伊斯坦堡
    Turkish - Standard
    謝謝你們的回信! =)
    Most helpful!... So its use is like this:

    topic sentence (predicate?) + 以 ...為主 am I correct?
  5. viajero_canjeado Senior Member

    English - Southeastern USA
    Hey ouzhantekin!

    I understand it this way: 以(with) _____ 為(as) 主(principal, foremost, preeminent thing/part/aspect/some other appropriate noun)。 If you want to translate real literally into English, we'd usually need some sort of noun: "with fruits and vegetables as the main source of nutrients"; "with sport and leisure as their bread and butter". Of course, English doesn't always use circumlocutory phrases like that, so you'd be more likely to just hear "business built around/focusing on sport and leisure" or something along those lines. (That is to say, the English translations might sound a bit unnatural, but that's cause I'm sticking closely to the Chinese.)

    This is a useful structure, and one I encounter a lot when perusing thesis titles, especially case studies. For example: 海洋邊界劃定:以金門區域為例。 Here it's like 以(with) ____ 為(as) 例(case/example).

    Here's a couple other examples and literal-leaning translations:

    以學生為主: with students as our highest priority
    以麵食為主的第一道主菜:with noodles as the main ingredient in the first entree (we'll not excessively mangle the English translation by retaining the same grammatical structure given by 的 ;))

    Hope that clears it up for you a bit!
  6. ouzhantekin Senior Member

    Istanbul /伊斯坦堡
    Turkish - Standard
    Wow! "Flabbergasted!" :) I got everything I needed! Many thanks...
  7. toicy Junior Member

    Chinese - Cantonese
    viajero, please help
    I cannot think of any sentence with " with ... as..." in this case.
    Thank you in advance.
  8. verastar Junior Member

    Mandarin Chinese
    You can try "我以友情为重". "重" here means "重要"
    "在生活里" seems trivial in this case, because you always live in your life. But if you say "在日常生活中我以友情为重", it implies that under certain circumstances, friendship may not be your priority.
  9. viajero_canjeado Senior Member

    English - Southeastern USA
    我上面想表示的是,把「以。。。為主」這個結構翻成英文不見得每次都會用到「with... as X」,其實,自然英文很少會這麼翻。我只是嘗試給一個大概的瞭解。但如果一定要用的話,或許可以這樣解釋:I live my life with friendship as the central pillar. 對話中這麼說太文言了吧。當然不限於使用該結構就能寫得更好一些,譬如:Friendship is the most important thing in my life/My life is built around my friendships.

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