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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Yuca007, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Yuca007 Senior Member


    TV series snippet: The mother was just on the phone with her older daughter, arguing about whether the younger daughter should move out and live in the town where the older daughter lives. The younger daughter then tells her mother that she wants to do just that.
    The mother replies that she should study and then this: 你说了不算。我说了不算。你姐姐说了也不算。

    Who could kindly translate this expression for me? :)

  2. Ghabi

    Ghabi Moderator

    Cantonese (Hong Kong)
    Hi. 你说了不算 means "what you say doesn't count", i.e. you're in no position to make a decision (nor am I, nor is your sister).
  3. kubiwa New Member

    it suggests that it's the situation counts but not you,me or your sister.
  4. Yuca007 Senior Member

    Oh yeah, well, that makes sense. I didn't come up with that myself at all. Thank you all!

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