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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by alejandro123, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. alejandro123 Junior Member

    I woud like to ask you if my understending of this word is correct. I assume we can use it in three different way:

    1. 你考得如何? 还凑合。

    2. 要是你考试准备的不充分,到时候你应该凑合

    3. 无法从极品中选出的话,你只好凑合这些一般的产品。
  2. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

  3. alejandro123 Junior Member

    for the second set of senteces I wanted to say that sometimes you have to improvise. for example you are not prepared for an exam (裸考), then teacher calls you and you have to improvise (in my native language it does make sense, maybe in chinese it doesn't).

    当着异性的面,你应该凑合 for this sentence I wanted to say thay sometimes while dating a girl improvising is the best strategy rather than any sort of strategy. :)

    thank you for help!
  4. tarlou Senior Member

    I found some dictionaries explaining 凑合 by "improvise". But I don't think that's exactly correct. For this meaning, 凑合 is more like "compose (existed) things together", not "create new things". Moreover I actually have hardly heard people using this meaning.

    The second sentence in your 2nd set, 凑合一下, actually means 将就一下 (tolerate something not so good) and should be classified to the 3rd set.

    For your 3rd set, I feel 凑合 is more commonly used as an adverb. 你只好凑合(着)用这些一般的产品 你只好凑合(着)坐二等舱
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  5. alejandro123 Junior Member

    finally I think I uderstand this, very good expanation, tarlou
  6. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    I think you mean 猜/蒙(mēng)/编. For example, if there're A,B,C,D 4 options and you don't know which one to choose, you can guess or choose one randomly, in Chinese it's (随便)猜/蒙一个答案; if it's an short answer question, you can make up an answer, in Chinese it's (随便)蒙/编一个答案。
    猜/蒙/编 are all sort of negative words. Actually you can also say 即兴发挥 for the similar meaning, but it's more neutral and a bit positive (even though you didn't prepare for a particular question, you know/you've learnt some related knowledge, so that you can come up with an answer immediately). e.g. 即兴演讲--improvise speech, 即兴表演--improvise performance

    Maybe you can say 和女孩约会的时候,你应该表现真实的自己。It's nothing to do with 凑合.:)

    For the third set, I agree with Tarlou: 凑合+ verb + object is more natural.
  7. SuperXW Senior Member

    I don't see the difference among these...
    There are problems in your sentences, but it seems all 凑合 have the meaning of "tolerate something not so good".

    Sometimes we omit the verb after 凑合, such as
    这笔不好用,你就凑合(用)吧。 This pen is not good, you gotta tolerate it. (Not "you are tolerable.")
    In this case it's an adverb.

    A more basic usage is:
    -这笔怎么样? -这笔还凑合。 -How is this pen? -This pen is tolerable (fine).
    In this case it's an adjective. (cannot be used before a noun. i.e. Not 这是凑合笔.)

    The more rare usage, which literally means "collect and combine", only appears in some formal notes.
    E.g. 今日需要凑合一批零件...
    In this case it's a verb.
  8. BODYholic Senior Member

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