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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by kawaiikitty, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. kawaiikitty New Member

    Singapore - English
    What does it mean to "出马"? Does it mean "go free"? The term was used in Xiao Hong's Tales from Hulan River in connection to the 团圆媳妇's exorcism ceremonies:


  2. Ghabi

    Ghabi Moderator

    Cantonese (Hong Kong)
    Hi! It seems to be similar to 降僮, to let yourself be possessed by some spirit that you summon by rituals and incantations.
  3. westwind Senior Member

    [FONT=宋体]打个比方:A和B有仇,今世A再生为人,B为伺机寻仇的灵体。A在人世间表现为病人,这是B寻仇所致。A找到你,你是所谓出马仙。你收钱或不收钱帮A赶跑或打跑了B。不管收不收钱,这梁子你是架上了。你没收钱可能还有A的感激,收了自然没有了。你平白的得到一个或多个仇家。有时候B并不是一个,是一大群。在轮回之中,你这个果还是偿还的。当然,也有少量明白因果,可以劝化的,这种还是有少许功德的。---from the Internet
    I am convinced that 99.9999% Chinese have no idea about 出马(they just know the [/FONT]
    出马 as in [FONT=宋体]"[/FONT]老将出马[FONT=宋体]" ).such meaning is almost dead.[/FONT]
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  4. SuperXW Senior Member

    Yes. I have no idea except the usage of 老将出马 and such.
    I think the novel is hard. Full of historical and regional culture there so not even Chinese can fully comprehense it.
  5. kawaiikitty New Member

    Singapore - English
    Thanks! Yeah, SuperXW, the novel is somewhat hard-going, but despite everything, I can follow the story line and, notwithstanding my poor Chinese, I'm finding it a fascinating insight into early 1900s rural China. It's tough going but worth it!
  6. mm6ff8 New Member

    NY, CT, or PA
    Chinese - Fuzhou
    That's because Chinese govt suppress local dialect and culture so much that these real Chinese culture is dying.
    They want a united and harmonious country with one party, one voice, one language, ...

    Young people from poor or distant villages still know something about their local language and culture, most other young people don't know shit.
    The [FONT=宋体]99.9999% Chinese [/FONT]mustn't include 100% elders and 50% or more of middle aged.

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