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华语 / 中文 / 华文

Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by quitecool, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. quitecool New Member

    What is the difference in use between these?

    华语 vs 中文 vs 华文

    (I know there is also a 谱通话 that is mainly used in Beijing)

    And how do we say they are said/spoken?


    说华语 vs 讲华语?

    说中文 vs 讲中文

    Been a little confused all this while. Thanks!
  2. darrenhg New Member

    华语 vs 中文 vs 华文
    1,中文,most used in China mainland,
    2,华语,华文,most used outside China mainland ,like HongKong,Singapore,Malaysia,there are some official languages ,include Chinese.
  3. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese

    You may also refer to this thread: 国语
  4. hkenneth Junior Member

    Minneapolis, USA
    Chinese - Mandarin & Shanghainese
    I'd rather use 汉语 but it's just my personal favorite...
  5. depaul93 New Member

    Chinese Mandarin
    哈哈 for chinese you can say: 汉语(general) 中文(general) 普通话(mainland) 国语(Taiwan/HK) 华语(overseas)
    there are also many dialects in China, like 粤语(cantonese) 吴语(Wuu-Chinese), almost every province has it's own dialect, even every city has it's language
    confused? LoL~~~~~~
  6. sinnerqk New Member

    普通话means mandarin chinese,by constitution of the people's republic of china,The state promotes the nationwide use of mandarin.

    华语vs华文 is the same,华语 is the spoken form,华文 is the written form.
    and it's a national notion and relative.

  7. sinnerqk New Member

    the second question
    说华语/中文 is informal,more used in oral chinese
    讲华语/中文 is formal
  8. tarlou Senior Member

    I guess it's worth explaining carefully since some native speakers including me did not know the differences before some research.

    The English word "Mandarin" is not known by many Chinese people, or at least is interpreted in different ways by different people. Wikipedia translates Mandarin into "官话" (official language). It is a dialect of the Chinese language invented based on the accents in northern China. As depaul93 pointed out, every city has a dialect (actually several dialects in some places), inventing and learning an official language is important for Chinese speakers.

    Mandarin is the official language in mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. People/governments in different places name the language in different ways.
    mainland: 普通话
    Taiwan: 国语
    Southeastern Asia: 华语
    Because of the independent development of cultures and influences of the local dialects, these three "Mandarins" are now slightly different from each other.

    For people who don't know 普通话, 国语, 华语 as "proper nouns", they may probably interpret them literally: 普通话 the common/general language 国语 the national language 华语/华文 the Chinese language

    To me, 中文 or 汉语 is the general word for the Chinese language (including all the 3 Mandarins, Cantonese, Wuu, etc.)

    About the differences between 讲 and 说, see http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2609766
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  9. JIAKE New Member

    汉语:汉族的语言。现在多指普通话。 (Language of Han nationality)
    国语:民国时称官方语言为国语,其实就是普通话。现在中国大陆很少使用,多用于港台。 (National language)
    中文:中国的文字,通常还是指汉语或普通话。(Chinese language)
    华人:全球的中国人,包括历史上的所有说汉语的中国属地的人。 (The worldwide Chinese peoples, include Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and any other countries.)
    华语:华人的语言。 (Language of Greater China, include all dialects of Chinese.)
    华文:华人的文字,也即华人的语言。(The characters of Greater China)
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  10. SuperXW Senior Member

    It reminds me the time when we Chinese don't know how to select "UK", "England", "Great Britain" or "US", "USA", "the States", "America"...:p
    Many countries have more than one name or nickname, due to political, historical, cultural reasons...Hard to explain.
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  11. Youngfun

    Youngfun Senior Member

    Pekino, Ĉinujo
    Chinese/Italian - bilingual
    华文 is also used in China by Institutions whose main purpose is to teach Chinese to foreigners and also to the Oversea Chinese. E.g. 华文教育网
  12. wwwmuyiorg New Member


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