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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Nicodi2, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Nicodi2

    Nicodi2 Senior Member


    How do you usually use 单位 in Chinese ?

    I found it in this sentence, but I am not sure of its meaning :
    -怎么不高兴的样子啊 ? 跟你妈说钱的事儿了吗 ? 他怎么说
    -那你呢 ?
    -挂了,你就挂了。。。这辛好是在单位打, 要是在家打, 你就不是浪费电话费吗 ? (...)

    Thank you !
  2. ridgemao Senior Member

    "单位" means the working place like a company, especially the national company or goverment office, where you can work lazily and still get your salary.
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  3. SuperXW Senior Member

    Yes. That's the stereotype of a 单位.
    The term is used exclusively in PRC.
    Because before 1980s, the government used to get rid of all private companies and set up a totally national-owned working system in a Communist way, 公司 didn’t existed in those years and all people were working in some “units”, that was how we called it 单位.
    The word remains popular after the economic reform due to the fact that there are still many national-owned companies exist, particularly the big ones controlling major industrial business.

    When my friends in Mainland China chat with me, some of them are very used to say 单位 regardless the fact I'm working in a private company.

    Your dialog also somehow proves the “laziness” ideology of working in a 单位.
    幸(not 辛)好是在单位打,
    Luckily you were calling from your “unit (working place)”. (Your 单位 will pay the phone bill.)
    If you were at home, weren't you wasting your money on calling fee?
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  4. Pierre_zane Junior Member

    I think we can simply interprete the 单位 here as 'office' or even 'company', depending on the context.

    Luckily your were calling from your office/the call was on the company...
  5. Nicodi2

    Nicodi2 Senior Member

    Very comprehensive and interesting.
    Thank you !

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