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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Nicodi2, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Nicodi2

    Nicodi2 Senior Member

    Hi friends of the forum,

    Unless I didn't carry out deep enough research, 互留 is not in the dictionaries,
    Have you heard 互留个电话 before ? Or 互留 in any other context ?

    Thank you !

    (This sentence is from the TV serie 奋斗 for those who know...)
  2. hx1997

    hx1997 Junior Member

    中文 Chinese - Mandarin
    It means 互相留个电话. 相 is omitted here. It is common to say 互 instead of 互相, esp. in daily conversations. For example, 互助=互相帮助.
  3. sesame_fr Senior Member

    Oui, comme hx1997 a dit, 互留 est la forme raccourcie de 互相留。互 a deja le sens de 互相(mutuellement)。C‘est plutot une habitude,soit on dit 互*。soit on dit 互相*:互惠(avantages reciproques), 互帮互助 (s'entraider), etc..

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