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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by SEA91, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. SEA91 Senior Member

    Bahasa Malaysia
    What is "回転子鎖交磁束数一定ベクトル制御" in English? Is it Constant Rotor flux linkage vector control?
  2. tos1

    tos1 Senior Member

    Perhaps so. The meaning can be;
    Vertor control of a rotor under the condition that flux linkage would be kept constant

    It is certain that;
    回転子: rotor (電機子: armature, 固定子: stator)
    磁束: magnetic flux
    一定: constant
    ベクトル制御: vector control

    It may be;
    鎖交磁束: magnetic flux linkage, though most academic papers written by Japanese use "interlinkage magnetic flux", or simply "interlinkage flux" instead.
    鎖交磁束数: Its correct Japanese term may be 磁束鎖交数 ( jeea.or.jp/course/contents/01145/ ). In this page, JEEA ( Japan Electric Engineers' Association ) defines as;

    磁束鎖交数 = 巻数 x 鎖交磁束
    i.e. 磁束鎖交数 = turns of the coil x magnetic flux linkage

    インダクタンス = 磁束鎖交数 / 電流
    i.e. inductance = 磁束鎖交数 x current

    Ordinarily xxxx数 should be translated as "number of xxxx", but in this case, I think this doesn't suit for the real (not integer) value.
    I am not an expert in the field.

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