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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by leeman, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. leeman New Member

    I am new to this forum. Can anyone please translate/explain the meanings of Japanese Language/symbols in English from the following image. I would be thankful-:
    multi av1.jpg
  2. Tonky Senior Member

    For your safety driving,
    Do not operate (this) while driving, when you are the driver.
    When you drive, follow the actual driving rules.
    (sorry, that underlined part was blur for me to see and may not be precise.)

    the last line is saying so because sometimes the navigation may tell you to use roads you are not supposed to, like one way road, your car type restrictions, or time restriction (some roads do not allow cars at certain time in order to let school children walk safely), or even the map is outdated sometimes and such.
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  3. leeman New Member

    Dear Tonky,
    Thanks alot. you were of great help. Could u please look at the following pictures and translate what they say..
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  4. leeman New Member

    and these also...... 6.jpg
  5. Tonky Senior Member

    2. FM multiplex broadcasting
    3. leisure or recreation (not sure what "i" represents there)
    6. facilities with info
    8. screen set-up
    Let me suggest you to check the rest by online dictionary or google translate :)

    Do you agree to reset all the maintenance conditions?
    Yes or No

    Map Disc
    There is no disc.
    Please insert a map disc.

    Backing Guide Monitor Set-up / Set-up done
    Parallel parking guide Volume set-up
    First tip(s) - ON(show)
    Guiding line(or reference line) for parking - ON(show)

    First tip ON
    Shows the best positioning point to start parallel parking on the monitor screen.
    Yes No

    1. Screen Set-up
    2. You can set the below screens for auto-resets.
    3. Audio operating screen
    4. Information screen
    5. (reset) After certain time
    6. reset automatically
    7. continue showing
  6. "Information", maybe?
  7. leeman New Member

    Thanks alot Tonky. you were really helpful. Actually this navigation unit has no option for changing the language into english which makes it useless for me. I have a couple of other pictures also which i am unable to upload because of this forum website as it exceeds the maximum limit. If i get to know only then i would be able to use the system. Bundle of thanks...
  8. Tonky Senior Member

    Yeah, maybe you're right. I cannot confirm without checking it out myself, though.

    I'm not really sure if you should keep on asking here about all the messages you get from the navigation, leeman.
    Maybe you should consider talking to the seller of this unit about its manual or ask for some guidance? Car navigation systems are pretty expensive and I'd doubt someone would sell you one and leave it without any supports when you don't understand Japanese. Even so, what you need is a translation service, instead of help from language forums.
    I am terribly sorry, but this will be my last reply to you on this since I'm not a translator and cannot guarantee quality-wise.

    *edit* not sure how others see it, please note that it's only my opinion, it's just me. I'm still new here and maybe others kindly reply to you, I don't know.
    Cannot find (are not receiving) FM multiplex broadcasts.
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  9. leeman New Member

    Dear Tonky
    you were of great help for which i am great full.

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