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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by SWRT1, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. SWRT1 New Member

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    [h=1]If anyone could translate this it'd be a big help[/h] rwe5twetw8.jpg

    I had bought a katana with a friend 10 years ago back when I was 16 and of course we beat the crap out of it. I believe it was a WW2 katana. Well I found it in my house the other day while I was moving and the handle is broken in half so I decided to remove it. It looks like the blade was signed and I was just wondering if anyone could read it. I'd appreciate any help since I cant import the characters from the picture into a translator and it's probably a name. Thanks, guys!
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  2. patates_frites Senior Member

    Japanese, English - US
    Perhaps 小村方次? (KOMURA Masatsugu?)
    If it is indeed a WWII katana (perhaps it's a fake, or something real cheap), and may be an object retrieved by an American? soldier from the battle field, you may want to consider contacting your local or closest Japanese embassy or consulate, to see if is an authentic sword from WWII, and if so, if you can return the sword to the family of the deceased. The name should be in the Japanese government registry, if it is the sword of a soldier, and if the name is that of a soldier, which is all unclear. The kanjis for the name are sloppily inscribed in the sword, but I don't know enough about WWII swords to say what that may indicate.
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  3. SWRT1 New Member

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    It could definitely be a fake then. I need to try and get it verified.
    Your characters definitely look pretty close. I'll try and find some more
    information on it. If it turns out it's real I have a Japanese consulate four
    hours away down in Miami. Thanks, man
  4. patates_frites Senior Member

    Japanese, English - US
    Hi, I don't know how you intend to "find some more information on it" but one way is to submit a form at the Japanese consulate.

    They have one for these objects that may possibly be of deceased soldiers. The Japanese government will conduct the research free of charge if you agree to return the object free of charge if the object is really that of a war dead and he still has family left (confirm info w/ the consulate).

    However, this research may take around half a year. So you could just apply for it while you conduct your own research, and see how it turns out.

    A lot of families have nothing of their war dead, not even the body. I think it's worth the trouble. Perhaps you could let us know the outcome of the finding. Cheers.
  5. SWRT1 New Member

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    It turns out the blade is not genuine. Thanks for the help though :) If it's not too much trouble could you possibly translate one more thing for me?


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