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帖儿, 帖法

Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by kawaiikitty, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. kawaiikitty New Member

    Singapore - English
    What is a "帖儿" and "帖法"? I'm guessing that it relates to predicting the future, but I don't understand the technique described. Again, this is from an episode in Xiao Hong's Tales from Hulan River:



  2. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    帖儿 is the 儿化音 of 帖 which you know we rarely use it in Singapore.

    In the given scenario, when it is a noun, it means prescription or maybe talisman. But 帖 can also be a measure word for medicine, that's why there are 一帖药 or 一帖salonpas.
  3. AVim

    AVim Senior Member

  4. kawaiikitty New Member

    Singapore - English
    Wow, thanks everyone. It's an amazing work by the way. Even with my poor Chinese, I'm finding it fascinating.

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