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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by DerekJ, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. DerekJ New Member

    I have drawn a blank looking up this use of くらい. Dictionaries just say it means 'extent' or 'approximate' and could be suffixed to a noun with this kind of meaning. Nowhere can I find any discussion with くらい added to a verb. The full text is a s follows: なにかあいしいほのをたべようとししたら、いつもくるよね。ほんとう。どこかでみてるのかなってあもうくらい。

    i am not even sure if くらい in this case has any connection with the くらい normally found in the dictionary.

    Can anybody provide a more useful account of くらい with verbs please? Any textbook refs also would be great.
  2. carp3 New Member

    Japanese - Tokyo
    I cannot explai the grammar but its meaning is "as if someone is watching me". Some examples are 泣きたくなるくらい痛い、雪が降るくらい寒い、涙が出るくらいおかしい、、、、。Have you got some feelings of this usage?
  3. fitter.happier

    fitter.happier Senior Member

    Naples, Italy
    Hi Derek!

    くらい does indeed mean extent.

    The sentence could be roughly translated as: He always comes when I'm about to eat something delicious. (It happens so often to the extent that) I think he's spying on me.

    The examples provided by carp3 are based on the same principle:

    泣きたくなるくらい痛い → It hurts so much that it makes me cry.

    Perhaps it's easier to understand if you rephrase the sentence like this: 痛くて、泣きたくなるくらいだ。

    Hope it helped!
  4. DerekJ New Member

    Thank you both for the explanation. This little word くらい certainly has a lot of applications, many not well covered in the dictionaries and grammar books I have, so its great to have this forum as a resource.

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