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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by kearbear, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. kearbear New Member

    English - American

    Is this an idiom? What does it mean?

    Thank you for anyone who can clarify this for me :)
  2. zhg Senior Member

    It doesn't look like an idiom to me, do you have a context for the sentence you quote? It could mean either in a literal or figurative manner depends on the "context"
  3. SuperXW Senior Member

    "The bugle has sounded the final charge/full-scale attack."
    The sentence is written in literary style. Could have a figurative meaning. Not an idiom though. I think similar sentences often appear in Mao's era's propaganda works.
  4. absolutely not an idiom!
    we say this when we playing video games
    like start to attack the final boss.

    you get me ? lol:-D
  5. zihaowang

    zihaowang New Member

    TingDao,P。R。C。 or Barcelon,Spa
    There will be many different meaning in different contexts.
    SENTENCE ANALYSIS:“总攻”--->“final attaction” "的"--->” ‘s “ “号角”--->“horn” "已经"--->“have been” "吹响"--->"sounded"
    1.Original ideal:“总攻的号角已经吹响” which mainly existed during the period of Liberation War of China, came from the promotional materials of Communist Party of China. Means :"The moment of complete counterattack is closing in."
    2.Same meaning references:Like what Chris_Zane said.
    3.Extended meaning:"It is time to do someting(surface meaning). Let's begin!(Implicit meaning)"
  6. liangliang New Member

    This phrase is derived from the context of war/battlefiled when soldiers are prepared to start the final attack to the enemies. It is now being commonly used as literary depiction to say people are ready to start a massive big project/to solve or tackle a complicated problem; usually with some sentiment of encouragment.

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